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Malice Domestic 31

May 3-5, 2019

My second Malice Domestic Conference as a published author! My author panel, "Murder with a Hint of the Supernatural" included authors, Susan Thibadeau (moderator), Alexia Gordon, Marilyn Levinson,Gigi Pandian, and Maggie Toussaint. So much fun discussing our books and taking questions from the audience. Also, book signing, meeting old friends and making new ones, and the traditional Sunday tea!

Malice Domestic 2019 Panel (2).jpg
Malice Domestic 2019 Panel 2.jpg
Malice Domestic 2019 book signing.jpg

Book Signings

Double T Dinner 

Double T Diner 1 (2).jpg
Double T Diner7.jpg

Bethany Beach Books

BBB Karen outside.jpg
BBB Karen alone (2).jpg
BBB Karen and Siobhan2.jpg
With author, Siobhan Fallon
BBB Karen posing2.jpg
BBB2 Signing again.jpg
BBB promo (2).jpg

Death in Disguise 


Book Launch me talking.jpg
Book Launch entire view.jpg
Book Launch Karen at podium.jpg

Malice Domestic 30

Second Acts03 (2).jpg Malice
M.D. booksigning (2).jpg

Book Clubs

Karen Brown's book club.JPG
Janis' book club (2).jpg
International Society of Women Ed. (2).j
Res. Book Club (2).jpg
Book Club St. Alphonsus (2).jpg

On the Radio - WOWD

WOWD Karen.jpg

Sisters in Crime Howard County Library

Sisters in Crime Library Event Karen.jpg
Sisters in Crime Library Event 2.jpg

Malice Domestic 32-33-34
What to Wear to a Murder with moderator, Ellen Byerrum and LA Chandlar, Karen Odden, and Andrea Penrose.

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